Employment Opportunities 채용

Seoul International Christian Academy(SICA) is seeking a well-qualified and experienced teacher. SICA is a classical Christian school located in Yangjae (Seoul), South Korean and a member of ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools, classicalchristian.org). Priority will be given to an applicant who understands and can implement the hallmarks of classical Christian education. The ability to teach in other subject areas is appreciated.


Position(s) Available

  • Yangjae, Seoul
    • Full-time Elementary Homeroom teacher

Starting Date

  • April 2024 or August 2024

Working Hour

  • Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm 


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in education from an accredited university or college
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience in school setting, not a hagwon or 1:1 tutor
  • A valid teaching credential from the U.S. or English speaking countries is preferred
  • Great Christian role model with Christian worldview
  • A native speaker of English or fluent in both spoken and written English
  • Knowledge of Korean language is a plus
  • Able to include biblical integration in lesson planning
  • Good presentation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proof of eligibility to work in Korea is required
  • Eager to learn and grow through constructive feedback

 Condition and Benefits

  • Salary: Determined based on your experience and credentials
  • Standard National Insurance Plan and Pension (Full-time Teachers Only)
  • Paid winter and summer break (Approximately 6 weeks)


  1. Be open to classical Christian education and its philosophy to apply in curriculum, teaching, and guiding students.
  2. Engage positively with other teachers in the review and development of curriculum programs that demonstrate good classical Christian education program
  3. Implement assessments that accurately measure student progress of learning and provide evidence that informs the decision-making process.
  4. Continuously monitor the learning process in the classroom and make appropriate modifications of lessons and goals.
  5. Engage students and parents in the student’s learning through frequent and meaningful communication. Maintain an attitude of openness and a desire for communication.
  6. Maintain an accurate record in school management system for student’s learning progress and daily attendance.
  7. Design and maintain a Christ-centered classroom environment that is conducive for learning.
  8. Implement an effective Christ-centered classroom management/discipline program which promotes student learning.
  9. Work collaboratively with other teachers and staffs for school events, outings, and activities.
  10. Engage with students in meaningful activities beyond the classroom which extend learning experiences (e.g. organizing field trips, running extra-curricular activity club etc.)
  11. Undertake special assignments, related duties when required.
  12. Stay current on educational issues, practices, and trends to reflect on classical Christian education.
  13. Commit to professional learning.
  14. Model good Christian behavior and professional ethics.

 How to apply

Please us the following link to submit an application. ( https://forms.gle/Fkt8yC449UF9vamD9 )

Please send a 1) cover letter and 2) resume or CV, and 3) An essay on your Christian faith and Christian education via email ( sicaseoul@gmail.com ).

Applicants selected for interview will be contacted individually. Those applicants will have an interview with the principal, academic director, and a homeroom teacher, along with a 20-min teaching demonstration including a written lesson plan (Topic will be given when you are contacted for an interview).

Accepting applications on a rolling basis